Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Mazes

Each year I make a snow maze for my kids. We have a large back yard that is flat, so making the maze is as simple as putting on my snowshoes and packing down a winding path. Pictured above is the simple maze we made in January 2010. Every time we had friends over they were excited to take the meandering path, especially when they realized that there was buried treasure at the end!

This year we are working on a bit more complicated maze that connects the front & back yards and even travels down to the stream in our woods! We are making it wide enough for the wooden sled so the Queen can be pulled along. To make it even more fun we added dead ends and few speed bumps to slow down anyone traveling too fast on our maze. We also decided that drawing up a map would help us explain to friends the best path to take & highlight some of the special attractions that are not to miss. Hopefully we get a couple of more dumpings of snow so that the maze lasts for several more months! 

Another simple way of making a maze is to fill a large storage tote with snow to give it some weight. Then push the tote around the yard to pack the snow down. I did this last week with several kids at Nature Preschool and they were amazed at the results! Of course the kids thought it was a chasing game so as I pushed the tote they were hot on my trail trying to catch me! 

Either the snowshoe or tote method work well because they pack the snow. If you shoveled the path it would not last as long because on warm days (what are those?) your maze would melt and disappear. Besides shoveling is too much effort!

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