Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snowball Maker

A Christmas gift to myself this year was a Snowball Maker. I'm not sure why but it's something I have wanted for several years. I just felt too silly buying one for myself. Now that my son wants to have snowball fights, I had a perfect excuse to buy one!

I also bought a "Snofling" but that has somehow disappear. It will likely resurface in the spring when our snow drifts melt! For now we will just take turns with red snowball maker, which makes the most beautifully round snowballs you could ever want!

Sometimes simple little toys like this one make spending time in nature just that more fun!

~~~ oh and while I'm thinking of it...we did establish some ground rules for snowball throwing:

1. Absolutely no snowballs thrown at the Queen (our nickname for my daughter)
2. Snowballs only thrown at people with their permission.
3. No snowballs thrown at a person's face.
4. When someone says they are done playing then you must stop throwing snowballs at them. :)

Note: The Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker is available through Amazon for about $9!

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