Sunday, March 27, 2011

Measuring Spring

My son is currently excited about measuring...measuring anything in fact. At his preschool they have been measuring four different amaryllis bulbs. He keeps me well informed about the number of leaves and how many inches high they are. He has explained the difference in using a ruler and a yardstick and why you might need to use one instead of the other. He also has showed me which of the four is currently winning, and gave me his prediction of which one will end up being the biggest. His enthusiasm is quite contagious.

So while we were playing outside the other day I suggested that we measure the snow. Of course I meant the depth of the snow so we would know how much is left on the ground. That task held no interest for him.

"No, I think we should measure spring. You know, measure how far away the snow is from the house. Here, I'll show you."

For a moment I suggested that my idea made more sense because we would know how much snow was on the ground to melt. He stood fast to his suggestion and said, "No, let's measure spring."

And with that he took the tape measure and I followed his lead!

So if you think you can't measure spring...think again. On March 24th it was 58 inches!

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