Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rainbow Sensory Box

 It's March and I am ready to see some bright cheery colors. Outdoors we have a few feet of snow and spring seems very far off.

Over the weekend my son and I dyed rice in all the colors of the rainbow. I was planning on making a colorful rice table for the kids to enjoy. It quickly became apparent that our Queen (22 months) was more interested in eating and throwing the rice than she was in pouring, sifting, and drawing in it. I thought adding the vinegar to the food coloring would be a deterrent but it turns out she loves the flavor vinegar!
So plan B was to make a sensory table filled with rainbow colored toys and trinkets. I was careful to choose things that weren't choking hazards and to be doubly sure, I only let her play under my watchful eye.
My son likes to play 'eye spy' while the Queen is just happy touching and playing with the toys. As they get tired of the box, we will sort the objects by various attributes - color, texture, size, etc.
So until we are able to play on green grass and go searching for real rainbows~~~this will have to do!

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  1. My son loves his sensory box. Thanks for a good idea- I was looking for a new spring-time theme!