Monday, April 4, 2011

Bird Nest Creations

Our lovely little bird nest that we made while walking in the woods this past week!

What began by pulling out some of the inner bark from a dead tree........

led to the creation of bird nests for an entire flock!

My son took this photo to show off his bird nest collection!

My son was so excited by the first little nest that he decided he needed to make one for his preschool teacher. Then he decided he needed to make them for all the kids in his class and the helpers in class too.

So we started a little assembly line of bird nest crafting. He pulled out the bark as I wove it into a nest shape. Then he found the perfect amount of moss and pushed it down into the nest. Then he topped each of them off with some fresh green grass from a tiny little patch that we have in the woods. 

In the end, the nests turned out so beautiful!

As we worked on the project I told my son how easy it was for us to collect the bark, moss, and grass but explained how a little bird would have to work much harder. He thought about it for a while and realized that birds don't have hands, and instead would have to use just their beak.  I also added how the bird would have to carry each little twig or blade of grass up to their selected spot in a tree, and how it would take hundreds of trips to finish the nest.

He became really quiet...and then asked if we could just give our 16 nests to the birds.
"They need it more than my friends. And we can just climb up the tree to make the nests for them."
So we talked about why this wouldn't work...but decided that we would put his nest in a special tree. Then we could check on it throughout the spring to see if any bird decided to take up residence.

~What a sweet memory this afternoon spent in nature will be!

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  1. What a sweet story! He should be proud of those nests. When we moved into our house, the previous owners had these ugly decorative things hanging from a few trees. We desperately want to take them down, but some birds have built their nests inside and the thought of it breaks my heart!

  2. I love this post! Thanks for linking up on my outdoor inspiration page. (I'm finally getting caught up on some of that stuff!)