Monday, April 4, 2011

Hand Trees

We received a couple more inches of snow today, but luckily I have my son's budding tree and sunflowers to make at least the indoors feel like spring! 
My daughter also tried her hand at the same craft as big brother....

And her's turned out just as charming. She loves when she gets to do the same projects as her 'DiDi'!

After she put the stickers on she was sure to count them, "one, do, free".

These hand trees are hanging in our dining room, reminding us of the treats that nature has in store for us. Later we will add them to our Nature Journals, along with all the bark rubbings and drawings of the trees we are going to learn about this month!

In my opinion, handprints and footprints make the best keepsake art projects! Today I found a great blog that has just that for every season and holiday:

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