Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Buggy Sensory Bin

I love having a new sensory bin for my kids to play with every couple of weeks. Unfortunately my (just turned) two year old daughter still puts everything in her mouth. This limits what I can put into my bins since I can't have small objects.

I found that shredded paper is a nice base and my daughter isn't interested in eating it! For our buggy sensory bin I used green shredded paper to look like grass, added silk flowers from a leftover arrangement, red flowers from a cut up lei, and lots of larger sized plastic bugs. For the container, I used a plastic terracotta  colored pot that was shallow. Beside it I added a wicker tray for her to use when she found the hiding bugs.
She has played with her buggy sensory bin for several weeks but has the most fun when a friend or grown up sits down with her. And if I sing, "we're going on a bug hunt"....she'd squeal in delight and head for the buggy bin!

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