Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Worm Resources for Kids!

So maybe I should rename my blog "Worm Loving Kids" because I have been blogging mostly about worms lately!

My son is simply addicted to worm hunting. Today he was out in the woods gathering new worms to add to our garden. A neighbor walked by on the road and asked him what we was up to. My son said, "hunting for worms". The man said, "oh, you are getting ready to go fishing?"

Slightly stunned, my son answered, "No, I'm bringing worms to the garden!"

"Oh, the worms probably like that more, huh?" said the man. My son quickly replied, "Yes!" Then he clutched the bucket, walked into the yard where I was, and told me: "I guess some people just go fishing with these guys."

Another sweet memory made in nature!!!

Two new online resource I found for other earthworm fanatics: 

Earthworms Unit & Lapbook at the link:

Squirmin' Herman is a great site to explain earthworm anatomy and worm facts!

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