Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Worm Farmer!

My son is now a self-described "worm farmer". His new hobby has become a full-time occupation. As soon as he arrives home from school, he finds the nearest trowel and begins the earthworm hunt. Once he finds his livestock, he lovingly transfers them to his farm, which is located under the stairs of our back deck. He stays beside his little farm until the worm wiggles his way down into the earth and then he is off to find more. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I says that he has transferred at least 50 worms to his farm.
The best part is how engrossed he becomes with his project.

So to encourage his interest (and to educate myself) I ordered three books about earthworms.

An Earthworm's Life (Nature Upclose) by John Himmelman
Earthworms by Claire Llewellyn & Barrie Watts
Garden Wigglers: Earthworms in Your Backyard by Loewen

I am envisioning this as a summer long outdoor project, that leads to an indoor worm farm next fall!

And of course I will blog about all that we learn!

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