Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bean Toss

Two weeks ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Heidisongs. She had this fun math game called 'Bean Toss Addition'. Basically you take dried lima beans and spray paint them. Once they're dry you put a few in a cup, shake, and pour. The child then writes an addition sentence based on the colors of the beans. So if two green and 3 white are poured, the child would write the addition sentence 2+3=5. (Her blog explains this more clearly and offers a couple of free printables.)

If you look at her blog there is a picture of vibrantly painted lima beans against some lovely green grass. It inspired me to buy some beans and make these for my 5 year old. So I got the supplies I needed and headed outside. The beans turned out bright and cheery but they just don't look as lovely as Heidi's. Just to add to the effect I put a few icicles in my photo!

The grass may be greener in California, but at least my lima beans are green here in Vermont. (And in 10 more weeks the grass might just be green here too!)

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