Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow Castle

I decided in December that I wanted to make a  Snow Castle for our little Queen. I figured a special place for her to play would be a good distraction while my son was busy sledding. So I took our plastic playhouse an found a good spot for it. The first few snow falls I shoveled some extra snow around it's base. I attempted to use the snow brick maker to make an igloo effect but the process seemed much too tedious. Piling snow was much easier for the kids and I to do together.
As the snow on the ground got deeper the Queen had trouble walking to her castle, so I had to shovel her a path every few days. Our last snowstorm nearly covered the castle! The windows are completely blocked and the roof is looking like it might need to be raked off. Inside the castle there is a "stone floor"...which is the leftover ice painting blocks from our New Year's Day project. That's right those ice blocks haven't melted yet! Got to love Vermont!

The effort was all worth it because the  Queen loves her castle and visits it just about every time we are outside!

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