Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog's Day

Despite Phil's prediction of an early spring we had a HUGE snowstorm today. The whole family ended up being home for a snow day, which rarely happens in Vermont. So we spent the day eating good meals and spending quality time together.
Our outdoor 'nature time' focused mainly on the adults shoveling while the kids played. At one point my son lost his toy shovel down a steep bank and went to retrieve it. I had a scary feeling that an avalanche might occur because we had piled a large amount of fresh powdery snow in that area and it seemed unstable. Luckily he got up the hill unscathed.
His next project was making new sledding runs in front of the house. Despite his best efforts he kept sinking into the powdery snow. So I had to put down my shovel (boohoo) and use his sled to pack down the runs. It's great to have an excuse to stop all productive work in order to help your child sled. After a bunch of laughs, since I too would occasionally sink down, we agreed that getting a foot of snow in just a few hours is a lot of fun...but then again Daddy was the one left doing most of the shoveling today!

Our next outdoor project --- build a snow shelter.  Hopefully we will make it this weekend!

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